Christmas wreath making.

December 19, 2018


This week I decided to try and make my own Christmas wreath for our home, I’ve never made one before and although I am no florist I was pleasantly surprised at how simple this was to do.


To make one you will need the following : 


Ring shaped wet oasis


Greens and foliage, I used conifers for the base and a selection of other greenery I found in my Mum and Dads garden.


A selection of decorations.



To start I placed the wet oasis ring in a sink full of water to soak leaving it until it floated levelly on the top of the water, Once the oasis was soaked placing it on a large sheet of paper I set to work cutting the conifers trimming them to the size I wished, then filling the oasis with them pushing them in quite firmly so they stayed flatish and covered the oasis as I worked around in a clockwise direction, a little tip make sure all the conifers face the same direction to keep a uniform shape.


Once the oasis was covered I added more greenery, sorry I do not know the correct plant names I am in no way an avid gardener but everything was found in my Mum and Dad's garden, I just looked for different shades of green and different varieties as I wanted the wreath to be quite full looking with lots of texture, placing these on top of the conifers really added a lot more depth, texture and colour to the wreath taking it up a notch. There really is no magic to this, pop them in and follow your own eye and tastes you will know if something doesn't look how you'd like it to and if it doesn't simply play about until you are happy, I prefer something full and a little messy looking not to perfect but you do you,


Last but not least it was time to add some decorations, these are to personal taste and how you would like the overall look to be, I absolutely loved the wreath with just the greenery so kept decorations to a minimum but you could use, baubles, bows, mistletoe there are so many possibilities. I bought the decorations from Wilkinsons because lets face it who has time to spend 4 hours drying oranges, not me but if you do I take my hat off to you. All the decorations where placed randomly, again trust your own eye you know your own personal taste and style but as a little design tip everything always looks more pleasing to the eye in odd numbers so it was 3 of each. 


And voila one Christmas wreath, my Dad tied ours to our door bell with some string which is hidden behind all of the greenery and keeps it nice and secure.


I hope this has helped some of you, I have also added a story highlight to my Instagram profile here with more step by step photos. I would really recommend trying this yourself as it is more cost effective than a trip to the florist and the wreath took only around an hour to make, I found it really easy to do to the point I also made a large table centre piece using the same idea with the items left over and more greenery, the cost to make both of these was under £10 and I've definitely started a new Christmas tradition of making these myself as I felt so festive doing so.


Do you make your own decorations or have set traditions each year? I'd love to hear and please do let me know if you decide to make your own as always thank you for reading and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year. 


Faye x



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